Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sidelining on Ugly Betty

Another way to supplement ones income as a musician is to "sideline". "Sideliners" are the musicians you see in feature films and network TV shows. Membership in the Musician's Union is a requirement and thus sidelining can result in residuals and special payments that can add up a bit as the shows and movies continue to air through the years. This can be a few dollars or a few hundred dollars.

Sidelining isn't particularly consistent or that lucrative, but a different way to spend your day, get dressed up, hang out with some famous people and maybe even get a free haircut. Below is an example of me sidelining on an episode of Ugly Betty featuring Gene Simmons from Kiss, who I got to hang with a bit. I the guitarist in the blue vest...

The whole scene took about 8 hours to film and my feet were aching after spending the day in prop shoes. They shellacked my long hair back in an effort make me look like an accountant but I was ctually expecting them to cut my hair off. Afterwards the hair stylist who knew I disappointed about not getting a Hollywood haircut gave me a free one after shooting was done. She gingerly cut off my ponytail to give to the Disney wig department. My hair may be famous now.

One funny story-  I was getting my make-up on at the same time as Gene Simmons. The guy doing his make-up was done in about two minutes.

"That's it?" Gene asked.

"Do you usually wear more make-up?" replied the make-up artist.

To which I replied, "Dude, he was in Kiss."

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