Sunday, February 19, 2012

Get That Gear - Part Four: Keep Money On The Sideline

Even while your list will be your main source of gear acquisition focus you need to have the freedom to completely abandon "listmania". That freedom can come from having literal cash on the side, say in a gear account, or just know that you have some extra scratch in you checking account for some opportunities.

Here are some examples of acquisitions made just by having a little extra cash around...

1. $1100 for an unloved 70's Martin D-35 at a Guitar Center. Had to put a little into it but it is my fave acoustic right now. But it was pretty sweet right off the rack. Used it on this track...

2. $140 for a 60's Sears Silvertone 1484 with Jensen Blue Frame speakers. Brought to life in the capable hands of Bob Dixon (his favorite vintage amp) an amazing garage sale find.

3. $750 for a new matchless Clubman head from one of the original owners. He was their accountant and they bought him out by giving him a bunch of amps back in the 90's. He didn't really need to make a lot of money off of them.

4. $175 for a 1940's Fender Triple 8-string neck lap steel from the same guy. When I bought the Clubman he asked, "would you be interested in this?" I had never seen one but thought "what the heck." I've used it for some pretty cool effects in soundtracks. It's worth about ten times what I paid for it.

5. $200 for a Silverface Fender Deluxe. Used on this track...

To name but a few.

You never know when opportunity knocks but it can't knock if you don't have enough extra coin to open the door. OK, that made absolutely no sense. But hopefully you know what I mean.

I would even suggest stopping your gear purchases for a while so you can save a thousand or so dollars to keep on the sidelines giving you the ability to pull the trigger when you run into that no brainer.

Martin D-35
Fender Deluxe Reverb

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