Monday, February 28, 2011

Capoing Reason #2

Capoing Reason #2 - To contrast with another guitarist.

Original progression - Em C G D
Capo at 3rd fret play - C#m A E B
Capo at 5th fret play - Bm G D A
Capo at 7th fret play - Am F C G
Capo at 10th fret play - F#m D A E


  1. I was at a WLW in Pgh Pa in your guitar track, and one of the highlights was learning your reasons to use a capo. I was a "macho" I don't need no stinkin capo, Barre chord guy, but now have a capo in each guitar case thanks to your insights.
    A while back you wrote that you would do a series on different strumming styles. I would really like to see that on the blog.
    Thanks, Steve

  2. That was a long time ago Steve. Glad to have had an impact. It's funny, there was a "are you sure it's OK to be telling guys to capo?" guy in every town I did clinics in.

    I will start working on the strumming grooves soon. It's on my short list. Didn't know I was going to spend so much time on the drop 2 lessons!

    Blessings, Tom.