Monday, February 28, 2011

Why am I doing this?

Why am I posting free lessons up on youtube/blogspot?  A couple of reasons... 

First, I get a lot of requests to teach private lessons and occasionally I do, but generally it's difficult to fit that time into my schedule and it's inconvenient for many to get to me.  So I figured I'll come to you through the miracle of the internet.  And for free!

Second, years ago I had a website of tips for worship leaders and church guitar players that many players followed.  It was on AOL Hometown, but was taken down a few years ago.  This will replace some of the content lost.

Third, I recently read this book...

It's a very quick read with many valuable contrarian tips for business.  I highly recommend it.  One of the tips was to utilize your business' by-product.  Don't think you have a by-product?  Did you know that charcoal briquettes were a by-product of Henry Ford's Model T?  He started a company to sell them... Kingsford.  Get it?  KingsFORD.  Crazy huh.  Also Wilco allowed a documentary film maker film the making of a record.  He captured the music and emotions as well.  They were recording anyway, why not film it?  The film, "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" was a by-product of the recording process.  It introduced Wilco to a whole new audience.

So this blog is going to be my by-product.  Generally it's going to about something I've done in music.  Maybe talking about a recent recording session, like I did in my second post.  Or blog about something I preparing for.  Or posting something I've shared at clinics like Reasons to Capo One, Two, Three and Four.  If it benefits me financially it will be because of the Amazon links contained wherein.  But that's not why I'm doing it.

These posts will largely be by-products of the dozens of things I do to make a living playing guitar.  Hopefully they will help you be a better guitar player.  Whether you play for fun or want to transition into something professional.


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