Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Business of Making Music | #11 Intro to "Mailbox Money"

There are many sources of revenue for the musician/songwriter/composer.

Performance Royalties - issued in the US through BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, which are usage on radio, TV, restaurants, concerts, stores, internet, streaming.

Mechanical Royalties - from the writers/publishers share of record/CD sales, iTunes sales, Amazon and others.

CCLI income from churches for using worships songs.

If you are playing music or even pretending to play music (sidelining) on a TV show or in a Movie there is something called "Secondary Market Revenue" that is paid based on your percentage of the entire union contract.

Union jingles sessions pay "mailbox money" as reuse every 13 weeks.

Union record sessions will pay again if your name is attached to a song and that recording is used in a TV, commercial or film or other such use.

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