Monday, July 17, 2017

The Business of Making Music | #2 Get In The Game

Here are a list of subjects I hope to cover in this series (adding to it all the time)....

Gigging - be prepared
Session Work
Music Schools
Record deals
Writing for TV and film
Cue Sheets
BMI Statements
Library Work
Gear Acquisition
Practicing - time management
Keep learning
Learn new instruments
Traits of Artists
Traits of successful musicians
Writing Pop Music
Split Sheets
Cue Sheets
Streaming - Spotify, et al.
Social Media - Instagram and Twitter
Joining the Union
Being where the action is
Learning ProTools/Logic
Getting and Keeping Students
Be Open to a Different Career in   the Business
Be Upwardly Mobile
Home Studios
Making Connections
Getting in the Game
Live Small (below your means)
Film Sessions vs Record sessions
Powerful People
Don’t Believe Everything
It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you
Take Yourself to College

Here are list of jobs I've done in and related to the business of music (adding to this list all the time too!)...

Working in a Record Store
Working in a Guitar Store
Running Sound at a Nightclub
Teaching Private Lessons
Teaching Clinics
Teaching a Class at USC
Guitar Coaching Actors
Copy Work (doing charts)
Playing Jazz Gigs
Playing Top 40 Gigs
Playing Classical Music at a Restaurant
Playing Weddings (classical guitar)
Playing Rock Gigs
Playing in Cover Bands
Playing in Original Bands
Playing in a Pit Band (for plays/musicals)
Playing in Worship Bands
Leading Worship
Writing Worship Songs
Writing Rock Songs
Writing Classical Songs
Writing Pop Songs
Writing Music for Television
Writing Music for Film
Being a Music Director
Being a Contractor
Playing on Records/CD's
Playing on Movies
Playing on TV Shows
Playing on Jingles
Sidelining in TV Shows (on camera appearances)
Producing Records
Developing Artists

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