Monday, March 28, 2011

10th Check Freedom

There is a saying, "I'll believe it when the check clears."

When dealing with the music business I say, "I'll believe it when the 10th check clears." It's a cynical yet freeing statement. Freeing because being cynical about monetary reward in my business keeps me from living like the money is going to keep rolling in.

Thinking this way does two things...

First, it keeps me hungry and hunting for work and opportunities. Keeping the pipeline full.

Second, it keeps me from upping my monthly outgo and getting tied to financial obligations that requires me to take work that may pay the bills but have no future. This gives me freedom.

Unfortunately my skepticism has proven to be realism on some occasions.  On others, when the 10th check clears, then it's time to celebrate. With a nice dinner, or maybe a new car!

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