Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Grass Is Always Greener...

I hear that a lot.  Not those particular words but something with the same inference.

For example, sitting in studio with a bunch of musicians, someone laments, "man I should've been a songwriter."  When someone else chimes in, "that producer is going to make a mint off our tracks."

Or a fellow pop song writer hears that I write for TV and says, "oh yeah man, that's where the money is."

And then when hanging with a TV writer friend and he finds out I'm writing pop songs, I hear, "oh yeah man, that's where the money is."

Record producers with higher aspirations start signing talent or publishing songs.

Publishers and managers want to be executives at major labels.

Major label exec's want to be a label owner.

In other words no matter how high up the ladder you are the grass is often greener on the other side.

This discontent with one's position isn't a bad thing, unless it turns you into a bitter, unpleasant human being.  It can instead be the fuel that keeps you moving in a upward direction, or at least keeps you moving.

Learning and growing are necessary skills to get and stay busy in your field of choice not just the music business. Realizing that you can always get better or learn a new skill is the surest way I know to stay busy.

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