Monday, March 21, 2011

Introduction to Modes

The Modes of C (the modes relative to C Major)

CDEFGABC - C Ionian (aka Major)
EFGABCDE - E Phrygian
GABCDEFG - G Mixolydian
ABCDEFGA - A Aeolian (aka Minor)
BCDEFGAB - B Locrian


  1. Hey Tom! Thought I had your email, but I can't find it. But I just want to again thank you for doing this blog. I've learned more in the past couple of months than I have in many years. So, thanks. Also, here's a possible topic for a future post: I notice you keep many (if not all) of your guitars on your wall. That makes 'em super accessible and easy to grab whenever inspiration strikes -- but I hesitate to do that with more than one or two of mine for fear that being "exposed" all the time like that will just cover them with dust and pollen that's in the air, oxidize the strings faster, get a film covering the tuners and pickup covers, etc. And yet, having my favorite guitars closed away in their cases means I don't play them nearly as often (if at all) as I'd like to. Your thoughts?

  2. Hey Jim, great to hear from you. Glad you are getting something from my blog. That's it's intent.

    Re: guitars on the walls. Many of them are just wall hangers, 2 Stellas, 2 Ibanezes, a Danelectro and a Squire, so I'm not too worried about them. The other two are in rotation. Ones that I'm using for something or ones that I want to spend some quality time with. The hangers are "Off The Wall" hangers, high quality and hung by a contractor friend of mine.

  3. Yep, I've got the best quality hangers for my treasures, too. I just don't like what being in the open air does to the finish, metal, strings, etc. of the instruments! But I play them a lot more when they're staring at me every time I walk by -- guilting me into taking them off the wall and playing something. It's too easy to "forget" them in their cases.

  4. Yeah, you can always buy more guitars but you can't go back in time and practice more. I think it's worth the sacrifice. If you have an instrument that is really valuable you can keep it put away.