Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheap Guitar God - $99 Squire Strat

I want to pick up an Epi LP too at some point to string up high-strung and leave it that way.

Like this one - Squier® by Fender® MINITM, Black


  1. Was asked by Mark Wein at

    "What about that instrument makes it right for that sound? "

    Mark - re: the finding the right squire, I just grabbed a bunch of them at GC and went to a quiet room with a really good clean amp, like a Fender Twin, and spanked out a bunch of E9 chords. Hit that open low E occasionally too! You'll notice a wide variety of tone from seemingly similar instruments. Really at that point it's just taste. Something will resonate. Just pick the best of the 10-20 and buy it. Don't labor over it. Back in the day guitars were less refined. Slabs of wood with strings and the guys making funk never had much coin so they bought cheap instruments. So it's kind of the spirit of the whole thing.

  2. Thanks Tom!

    I actually bought a Fender Classic Vibe Tele a few weeks ago...we had Canadian Rockabilly guitarist Paul Pigat in our studio for a webcast during NAMM and he had hipped me to the fact that they were cool instruments (He is a Gretsch endorser and owns a ton of vintage Gibson stuff) so I went and tried one and really dug it. A little surprising to me that I dug it so much since I mostly gig with a couple of Suhr guitars. :)

  3. You mentioned your students - how does one become one?

  4. Hey Anonymous. I'm not teaching right now. If I happen to be anywhere doing a clinic I'll be sure to post it on my blog.